Mauser Accurizing Kit by Milsurp Accuracy Inc. Mauser Accurizing Kit for the Kar-98k and Gew-98 rifle. May work on other Mauser models with minor fitting.

Engineers and armorers made sure that the Mauser rifle was manufactured within certain specifications during production.  However, many rifles lose accuracy over time.  This can be for a number of reasons.  For some rifles it can be a worn out bore or a damaged crown.  Such problems would have to be addressed by a qualified gunsmith.  However, a lot of rifles have accuracy issues as a result of poor stock fitment.  This problem is caused by a number of reasons.  Most commonly it is due to wood compression and/or mismatched parts being used together.  Russian capture rifles are a prime example of these issues, but they can be common on other capture rifles and even veteran bring backs.  Accurizing is the answer to put these rifles back into specification and restore their accuracy.

Accurizing is an attempt to tune your rifle so that the barrel harmonics do not affect accuracy when a round is fired by "free floating" it.  Barrel harmonics can be affected by uneven pressure points where the barrel/receiver and stock come into contact.  By following the instructions and minimizing or eliminating pressure points better accuracy can be obtained.  

The kit includes, 8 laser cut 26 gauge galvanized shims, 1 piece of 1/16" (1.70mm) "peel and stick" rubberized cork, and 1 piece of 1/32" cork.  Some trimming of the cork may be required.  Some filing/fitting of the shims may also be needed.

This kit is a must for any Mauser enthusiast, and can transform your K-98k/Gew-98 into a tack driver.

Mauser Accurizing Kit by Milsurp Accuracy Inc

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