USGI Surplus 7.62x51 NATO 60rds on Bandoleer. We just received these awesome bandoleers of original US Military 7.62 NATO packed in 60rd Bandoleers. The bandoleers have 6 pockets each and inside each pocket is two loaded 5rd clips that are secured by the cardboard insert. Each bandoleer also includes one M14 Stripper Clip Guide. These have been in long term storage for some time and may show signs of aging on the cloth bandoleers. We didn't pull each round out of the bandoleer to check, but the ones we did check, the ammo looks brand new. 1967 - 1969 dated headstamps. Non corrosive, boxer primed. Doesn't get more original than this!

IL, CT, and NJ sales require copies of FOID or Ammo cards before shipment. NY and CA sales must be shipped to an FFL. No ammo sales to Massachusetts. 

This ammo is military surplus and is being sold as such.  Victory Arms & Munitions, LLC’s sole role in the production and sale of this ammo is selling it for your convenience.  We cannot provide any guarantees as far as function or safety of the enclosed ammunition.  User should follow all best practices for firearms safety.  This ammunition is intended for use in firearms that are in good condition and designed and chambered for this ammunition.  Keep out of the reach of children.  Victory Arms & Munitions, LLC provides no guarantees or responsibility.

USGI Surplus 7.62 NATO 60rds in Bandoleer - Vietnam Era

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