Swedish Mauser M1896. Chambered in 6.5 Swede, this rifle was manufactured in 1916 at the Carl Gustafs factory in Sweden. This rifle is Finnish marked as evidenced by the boxed SA mark on the receiver. This is because this rifle was one of the few that were brought to Finland by Swedish volunteers during the Winter War against the Russia. This rifle is in very good condition and appears matching except for the floorplate and cleaning rod (although we didn't disassemble to check for any numbers on the stock or handguard). The bolt was force matched at the arsenal as evidenced by the electropenciled numbers. The muzzle has been threaded, indicating that this rifle was returned to Sweden after the Winter War. Being a Finnish marked rifle, this makes it a rare rifle that any collector would be thrilled to have. The bore is in very good condition.

This rifle is C&R eligible.

6.5x55 Swede
C&R Eligibility
Nation of Origin

Swedish Mauser M1896 - 1916 Carl Gustafs - Finnish Marked

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