Yugoslavian 7.62 x39 124 gr FMJ. It has a M67 projectile, Brass Case, Berdan Primed, and it is topped with a Copper jacketed bullet. This ammunition is corrosive so make sure to clean afterwards. Each box comes with four (4) stripper clips designed for the SKS rifle. 40 rounds per box, on SKS stripper clips.

This ammo is military surplus and is being sold as such.  We cannot provide any guarantees as far as function or safety of the enclosed ammunition.  User should follow all best practices for firearms safety.  This ammunition is intended for use in firearms that are in good condition and designed and chambered for this ammunition.  Keep out of the reach of children.  Victory Arms & Munitions, LLC provides no guarantees or responsibility.

Yugo Surplus M67 7.62x39 on SKS Stripper Clips - 40rd Box

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  • $25.00

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