Japanese Arisaka Type 38 Long Rifle. Chambered in 6.5 Japanese, this rifle was manufactured at the Nagoya Arsenal. This rifle is an interesting variation that features a "1/X" marking in place of the royal chrysanthemum on the top of the receiver. This rifle does not appear scrubbed, instead it appears to have been purpose built at the factory for use at a school. The serial number has the typical "000" prefix indicating school usage. This rifle is 100% a functioning rifle, not a blank firing trainer! Overall this rifle is in very good condition and is complete with cleaning rod. The bolt does not match. Bore is excellent. This rifle is an excellent example of an uncommon variation and would be tough to find another.

This rifle is C&R eligible.  

6.5 Japanese
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Japanese Arisaka Type 38 Long Rifle - Nagoya 28th Series - Education Rifle

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